Granny Knows Best

Granny Smith apples from California are the best choice for baking an apple pie this Thanksgiving, as we come together again to celebrate over traditional family recipes or new twists on the classics.

Get inspired with our 5 new, delicious apple pie-inspired recipes that are classics passed down through family or a twist on the beloved fall dessert – but that are all good enough for Granny.


Classic Recipes


Bev’s Apple Pie



Gran’s Apple Cobbler




Recipes with a Twist


Caramel Apple Pizza



Chai-Spiced Apple Pie



Irish Cream Caramel Apple Crostata




Crisp, firm and tangy-sweet Granny Smith apples from California are the best choice for baking. But want more reasons to love Granny Smith apples?

They’re also high in dietary fibre and are a source of vitamin C. A medium apple contains only 80 calories, and has no fat, cholesterol or sodium. Plus, the complex carbs in apples give your body a longer and more even energy boost compared to high-sugar alternatives.

Look for brightly coloured apples that are smooth, firm and free of wrinkles, bruises and punctures. The skin should be clean and shiny, but don’t worry about any brown freckles, they’re harmless.

To store apples, poke a few holes into a plastic bag, then refrigerate the apples in the bag in the fruit crisper drawer. Green apples, which have a long shelf life, can be stored this way for up to a month.

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